You can now get "The Fragrant Points On Your Feet" as a paperback!

Francis Herdes shows you the 9 most important points on your foot reflexology points, with which you can release, relax and let your energy flow. Become a fragrant reflex zone user now!

I wish to inspire as much as people as possible with this book - so they feel really well, especially in challenging times. That's why I now released "The Fragrant Points On Your Feet" as a paperback.

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What others are saying about "The Fragrant Points On Your Feet":

"I am active all day long and treat myself to a foot reflex zone massage 3-4 times a week. Because I can easily stimulate all areas of my body with simple movements through the reflex zones of my feet. The individual steps of the Francis Herdes' 9 oil application strengthen and relax my body in a pleasant way so I can immediately switch off after a long, active day and enjoy my time out to the full!"

Kay Fitzgibbons
Success Coach for Fitness, Motivation & Nutrition

"What I enjoy the most in the 9 oils application on the foot reflex zones is the scent of the oils and that I consciously take time for myself. I become more conscious at that moment because it is something very special for me and simply a break from everyday life - a wonderful combination that brings the body, mind and soul into harmony. The fragrant applications are also a huge enrichment for the participants of my yoga classes - busy people get to relax more quickly, they focus their senses on the wonderful fragrance and it helps them to be right in the here and now in that moment."

Nina Blatz
Yoga Teacher

"When I do the application on the foot reflex zones, I feel wonderfully relaxed afterwards. Even if I give a workshop, which is always a bit exciting, I feel calm, balanced and grounded after only one or two points. One of my last workshops took place on the hottest day of the year so far. Although it hardly cooled down during that time, there was a consensus in the group that the body temperature was very pleasant. The 6th step with the "walk in the fresh forest" is most comfortable for me. Immediately after doing it, my breath is much deeper and freer.”

Tanja Ehrhart
Personal Development Coach

"I would not have expected the 9-oil application to have such a great, intense effect on the whole body.

I feel grounded, relaxed, harmonized and vital at the same time! Afterwards I walk like on clouds, relaxed, light and also in balance.

And I am thrilled that such a simple application can be done by myself at any time, and is so beneficial for the whole body.

We underestimate and "forget" our feet all too often, they have an important task, they are our connection to Mother Earth, highly complex and these miracles truly deserve enough attention and care!"

Stephanie Wendel
Studio Owner for Nail Design and Foot Care

"I've learned how good it is to deal with my feet because I can reach the whole body through my feet and that's such a feeling of well-being - so either my partner falls asleep when totally relaxed or I can massage my own feet and that's incredibly good for me! Together with the essential oils the powers of relaxation and balance are perfectly combined".

Birte Göschl
Spiritual Coach

"Through her knowledge of the human body and health and her very deep knowledge of essential oils, Francis has developed a system of foot massage with essential oils that is unique to me!"

Aditya Nowotny
International Aroma Expert

"I particularly like to use Francis' 9 oils application on the foot reflex zones in my fasting seminars, because it's all about cleansing the body, mind and soul and a lot of things get going. Then this application can have a tremendous effect on the head becoming clearer, freeing oneself from emotional issues and supporting the body in its natural cleansing."

Heike Holz
Holistic Health Expert

"My youngest son had a challenge in his school life, so that whenever he experienced a lot, he could fall asleep badly and had to wake up again and again. If you have children of your own, you certainly know it - hunger, pee-pee, thirst - and it was the same with him. When we started using the 9 oils on the feet and massaging the feet, my son was so relaxed that he fell asleep and slept through the whole night - which totally unstressed me as a mother and brought my son into an absolutely deep relaxation - every time we did these applications before falling asleep."

Michaela Engels
Relaxation Expert

"The 9 Oil Application on the foot reflex zones is an ingenious possibility to achieve more energy and well-being on the feet and in the entire body in a short time. The massage makes the feet much warmer, softer and more flexible and relaxes the whole body. Through the application of the oils, it has an even more effective and intensive effect than when I massage the feet without the oils. I like to use the massage before my yoga exercises, but it is always possible and helpful to practice it, whether on myself or another person who will be happy about it, whether in the morning after getting up or in the evening before going to bed or just in between." 

Stefanie Hagert
Oil Lover

About the Author:

Francis Herdes has inspired thousands of people since 2010 to let go of stressful thoughts and emotions, relax their bodies and realize their highest potential.

With her knowledge and experience from six years of medical studies, she helps especially heart-centered people who want to live consciously to fine-tune their feeling for their own well-being. Her ability to make complex things easier to understand in simple pictures and words brings people around the world into a truly fulfilled lifestyle.

Francis first learned about reflex zone applications in South America in 2010 when she worked as a volunteer for three months in a small hospital in Concepción, Bolivia. On the adventurous journeys to the remote villages she discovered the treasures nature has given us so that we can let go, relax and be in our full energy.

Francis has written this book especially for people who want to strengthen their healthy well-being and that of their family themselves, whether they are on vacation or at home in their own living room.

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*You just cover the production and shipping costs. The book itself is a gift for you.

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